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Posted on 10/14/2020

If you have not had the opportunity to visit the island of Jamaica you are missing out. Here are 5 reasons this destination should be on your travel/bucket list. Did you know commercial flight to Montego Bay began as early as 1954!

1. Jamaicans are warm, friendly, and welcoming people. No surprises here, for decades the trademark friendliness and hospitality of the Jamaican people have brought untold joy to both locals and overseas visitors.

2. The natural beauty of the island with all its diversity - shimmering sea, rivers that make you want to jump in or go rafting, breathtaking mountains, and magnificent waterfalls not to mention the some of the best beaches in the West Indies.

3. The pulsating culture that includes Jamaica's gift of reggae music to the world. The most famous Bob Marley was born February 6th, 1945 (imagine he would be 75 years old). But, there is also dance, theatre, dramatic arts, and visual arts as well as the traditional folk forms of music and dance.

4. The climate is certainly an attractive feature for many. Even though Jamaicans take the year-round sunshine for granted, tourists understand and appreciate the joy of flying into warm Jamaica on a February morning when it's below zero in Canada and the northern USA. But no matter where you live Jamaica is home to "Feeling Alright"

5. The dazzling array of hearty food, from traditional dishes of oxtail and curried goat, run down to patties, coconut cake, roasted breadfruit and coconut drops, sweet potato and cornmeal puddings to the natural fruits like mangoes, sweet sop, naseberries, and June plum. Jamaica's national dish is Ackee and Saltfish. There is an historic connection about Ackee & Saltfish with Canada. During a time of prohibition in Canada, Jamaica had struck up a deal with Newfoundland; Jamaica would receive their favourite codfish from Newfoundland, and in return, Jamaica would send the province its precious rum. During this time, rum was loaded into ships from Jamaican ports at a very high alcohol content (140 proof). This was potent enough to sizzle and scald human entrails. It had to be diluted once it landed in Newfoundland. In some cases, empty barrels were shipped over from Jamaica. The rum was so potent, that some of the islanders would just have to add some water and let it sit in the barrels for a while. And let's not forget everyone's favourite - Jamaican Jerk, you may prefer chicken, pork or even sausage and it can be prepared in a roadside restaurant, a roadside steel drum or at your favourite resort. Jamaican Food - Irie Nyammings!

A little video about Jamaica's farm to table at Sandals resorts restaurants, enjoy!

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